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As a truly independent practice, we are in a position to source a very diverse range of products to achieve the best results possible for our clients. When it comes our lenses, we choose to use Hoya lenses because we consider these to be the best available. The lenses we use are manufactured to the highest standards, being light and thin, with minimal distortion, enabling us to produce truly beautiful spectacles.

Skilled practitioners at Wigram & Ware

The skill of a qualified Dispensing Optician is to know which one of the thousands of lens variations, will improve your spectacle wearing experience. And for those of you who have had to endure heavy or unsightly spectacles for years, well now you don’t have to. Let us guide and advise you from our wealth of knowledge to a pair of spectacles you will actually enjoy wearing.

Lens technology

Today Lens technology is very complex, with computer aided designs creating tailor made lenses for the individual rather than one design suits all. Hoyalux ID Lifestyle Ophthalmic Lenses are one such product.

We have moved on a little since the days of roman emperor Nero who apparently used to view the gladiatorial games looking through an emerald.


Photochromic lens manufacturing is still a closely guarded industry secret. Yet we all enjoy the benefits of lenses that can alter their depth of light filtering dependant on the ambient brightness.


For all of us maturing and finding our arms simply not long enough any more, we have the variable focus lenses. Largely known as Varifocals or Progressive lenses. Again the computer has come to the aid of the manufacturers to create lenses where the distortion inherent in this type of lens is now barely visible to the user.

Lens materials

Lens materials have changed enormously. Whereas once all lenses were made in glass, the vast majority are now made in lighter plastics.

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