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It is a little understood truism that there’s no such thing as the wrong shaped face for glasses, only the wrong shaped glasses for your face! The good news is that, like never before, the current range of spectacle designs allows us to choose or bespoke frames to match your facial characteristics, and the vast array of colours ensures the perfect complement for all skin tones. Indeed, never have spectacles been so fashionable!

See our guide on how to care for your spectacles here.

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We would be delighted to demonstrate how, with a subtle change of shape, size or colour, a frame can and should be used to enhance your natural appearance.

Spectacle choice it is not a decision to be taken lightly and so, rather than leave it to chance, we recommend that you ask the opinion of our experienced staff. After all, we are here to help and we do this every day so have an instinctive eye as to what looks great.

In addition to being stylish and attractive it is of the utmost importance to us that our spectacle frames match the high quality of our lenses. For this reason we carefully select and constantly monitor the quality of the frames available and offer only those that we would be proud to, and indeed do, wear ourselves.

We offer a large selection of spectacle frames from high quality manufactures, representing a range of styles from classic elegance to ultra modern.

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